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Lege5.ro website is owned by INDACO SYSTEMS SRL. Access to Lege5 application is by subscription, by using a user name and password. Use of this website constitutes your agreement to comply with the "Terms and Conditions of Use" below.

Contents of the application Lege5

Lege5.ro website is intended to provide legal information to its customers, which have a purely informative nature, and it’s not intended to be an official website.

Intellectual Property

Content, design, structure and materials on this website belongs to INDACO SYSTEMS (and his collaborators, whenever mentioned) and are protected by Law no.8/1996 on copyright and related rights, as amended and completed.

Electronic texts of the legal norms contained in this website is the result of the DTP work (computer processing of data) of an entire INDACO specialized department. Thus, although the legal information itself is public and do not receive copyright protection, copy / acquisition / distribution or reproduction / republication of our texts in electronic form is forbidden, constitute an offense and is punishable by law. Indaco Systems reserves the right to claim damages for losses suffered by extracting its texts by third parties.

Privacy and Personal Information

INDACO SYSTEMS is committed to protecting and does not disclose your information to third parties without your express consent under the regulations of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as amended and supplemented.


INDACO SYSTEMS team makes constantly reasonable efforts to ensure that the information provided on the Lege5.ro website is accurate and current but assumes no responsibility for errors/omissions which they may contain. Using this application, you accept - under any circumstances - that both INDACO SYSTEMS, consultants and employees, will not be held responsible for information provided /included/omitted or/and for any eventual loss or damage - regardless of their nature - suffered by the user who base their decisions, actions or inactions on information taken from its website and applications. INDACO SYSTEMS reserves the right to update and change at any time and without notice, the content and structure of the website lege5.ro and the right to remove all or part of the content of information.

Consolidated legal texts

Consolidated legal texts are unofficial reproductions of documents that have undergone many changes over time but were not republished in the Official Monitor. Such texts will not refer in any official document, being only a guide. Otherwise, Indaco Systems disclaims liability for any legal consequences could generate such reference. The only authority in Romania entitled to publish official versions of the legal norms is the Official Monitor.

Links to third party websites

INDACO SYSTEMS assumes no responsibility for the content of third party websites to which there are links on lege5.ro.

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