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Module principale lei/lună
Legislation, models and procedures
Expert comments
Hotărâri judecătorești
Court dockets + Tracking
Bulletin of Insolvency Proceedings + Tracking
Official Gazette Part IV + Tracking
Conferinţe & Seminarii
Conferinţe Universul Juridic
Reviste Editura Indaco
Săptămânalul de drept
Reviste Editura Rosetti
Revista de Drept Social
Pandectele Săptămânale
Rev. societăţilor şi a dreptului comercial
Revista de Drept Bancar şi Financiar
Uniunea Juriştilor
Revista Dreptul
Reviste Editura Universul Juridic lei/lună
Universul Juridic
Revista Română de Jurisprudență
Revista Română de Drept Privat
Revista Română de Executare Silită
Revista română de drept comercial
Revista de drept public
Revista GDPR
Revista de drept constituțional
Caiet de drept penal
Revista română de drept penal al afacerilor
Revista de dreptul familiei
Editoriale Benţa
Revista Prietenii Fiscalităţii
Revista Prietenii Contabilităţii
Reviste Editura C.H. Beck lei/lună
Curierul Fiscal
Curierul Judiciar
Doctrină C.H. Beck
Drept Civil 78
Drept Penal 69
Drept Public 37
Dreptul Afacerilor 41
Dreptul UE şi CEDO 32
Dreptul Muncii 36
Doctrină Hamangiu
Drept Civil 75
Drept Penal 65
Drept Public 30
Dreptul Afacerilor 30
Dreptul Muncii şi SSM 30
Dreptul UE şi CEDO 30
Doctrină Rosetti
Dreptul Afacerilor 27
Preţurile nu includ tva

Description of selected modules

Romanian Legislation – more than 170,000 acts
- All legislation since 1860;
- Mof Part I and VI of the day;
- The largest database of documents published in the Mof I bis;
- The transposition of EU legislation into Romanian legislation;
- Functions: monitoring documents of interest, legislative history, highlight the text comparison and legislative changes, consolidated version comparison.
Legislatia Uniunii Europene – more than 40,000 acts
- All documents published in the Official Journal of the European Communities;
- documents in Romanian, grouped thematically and subtematici, documents related to the Romanian transposed.

Models and procedures - Contracts, contitutive acts, proceedings, claims, appeals, complaints - updated daily according to the law;
- We have updated over 200 procedures in 2016.
- the access to Jurisprudence is possible only through acquisition with module of Legislation.
Romanian jurisprudence - Coming soon: more than 2 million cases from courts
- Exclusively Lege5 offers ANAF Decisions, decisions CCF and CNSC decisions;
- Lege5 contains single database with relational dynamic jurisprudence paragraph level with normative acts of reference.
Jurisprudence of the European Union
- Decisions issued by the courts of the European Union.
Jurisprudence of the European Court of Hulaman Rights
- judgments given by the court for the applications which was invoked by a State signatory to one of the rights guaranteed by the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Bulletin of Insolvency Proceedings
- Complete database from January 2015;
- Includes updated information in real time about insolvency proceedings;
- Also provides companies monitoring by e-mail and sms
Legal journals
- This mode allows you to access publications as electronically which intend structure and content to offer articles and analysis consistent to help in decision making, whether you are legal practitioners experienced, or beginning of their careers.
- Magazine articles are related to the paragraph level with normative acts of reference;
- Module includes magazines „Pandectele Saptamanale” and „Revista de drept social” from Rosetti Publishing and Indaco Systems electronic publication „Saptamanalul de drept”.

Expert reviews
- The access to Expert comments is possible only through acquisition with module of Legislation. - Our consultants - experts with high professional competence - post comments and legal anchored in the economic reality;
- Find expert reviews in important documents such as the Labour Code, the Tax Procedure Code, the Tax Code, Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, Law no. 82 (r4)/1991, Law no. 31 (R2)/1990, Law no. 209/2015, Law no. 263/2010.
- Comments are related dinamnic paragraph level, so you can view it in the context of legislative regulation analyzed by the author. Therefore, access to this module, it is necessary to purchase with module Legislation.

Court cases
- Search unlimited;
- Service tracking system notifications by e-mail and sms, when following another session or when a decision on the file

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